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2018년 대한민국
전자​ 기술력부문 우수상


  • AR/VR content supply contract with China's

  • 2017 Service Mundus 2.0 Selection of Leading Companies in the Service Industry

  • Development of a 2D augmented reality pop-up book.

  • Selection of Free E-book Free Planning Contest (Naver, Korea Publishing and Culture Industry Promotion Agency


  • Multi-media e-book production: A time trip to Baekje 1,500 years ago (Baekje World Heritage Site)

  • Patent registration of an apparatus and method for implementing an interactive fairy tale book.

  • Korea Electronic Publishing Awards for Excellence (Lion King Gabi's Adventure "Unchanging Faith")

  • "The Adventures of the Lion King Gabi" 10 paper books and e-books (contract for copyright sales with China's Jillim Publishing Group, domestic Awesome Kids)


  • Supply of contents and design development of the Seoul Children's Meal Service Management Support Center.

  • Development of Interactive Fairy Tale Appbook (Korea Technology Venture Foundation)


  • ​Establishment of D&P Corporation Co., Ltd.

Award status

Patent for interactive e-books
Copyright registration
2016 Korea Electronics.
Best Publishing Award.
In 2018, Korea.
Best Electronics Technology Award.

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